And The Winners Are…

FotoVisura Grant Winners

1st Place: The Homecoming Project by Erin Trieb

2nd Place: Carmen and Lupita by Annabel Clark

3rd Place: Behind The Curtain by Ula Wiznerowicz

Top Finalists

The National Womb by Anastasia Taylor-Lind/VII

I’ll Die For You by Laura El-Tantawy


Its Strangest Patterns by Dimitri Mellos

Between Enemy Lines by Ivor Prickett / Panos

Resettled by Bryan Meltz

My Home by Mugur Varzariu

By The Grace Of God by Susan Worsham

The Bosnian Identity by Matteo Bastianelli

In the Orbit of El Teide by Meike Nixdorf

Honorable Mentions

In Alphabetical Order

Likeness by Jody Ake

One in a Billion by David Butow

War and Peace by Melissa Cacciola

Spirit above Waves by Jan Cága

Arctic Spleen by Piergiorgio Casotti

Sin & Salvation, Baptist Town by Matt Eich/LUCEO

Alps by Matthieu Gafsou

Picture You, Picture Me by Emer Gillespie

Land of Hope and Dreams by Amnon Gutman

Under Gods by Liz Hingley

Does size matter? by Robert Herman

Notes to remember by Alexander Khudokon

In the Solitude of Horizons by Ikuru Kuwajima

On This Side of the Mountain by Sebastian Liste

Transmongolian by Alvaro Laiz

Where Meat Means Money by Piotr Malecki

Scènes et Types by Tiana Markova-Gold

A Girl and her Room by Rania Matar

I Am Kurdistan by Sebastian Meyer

Five Chapters on Instability by Jukka Onnela

Innocence Assassinated by Katie Orlinsky

The New Plastic Road by Myrto Papadopoulos

Push and Pull by Emily Schiffer

Guatemala’s Lost Photographs. by Jean-Marie Simon

In Xanadu by Matt Slaby/LUCEO

Echoes and memories by Andy Spyra

Holy Polska by Salvi Danés Vernedas

Our Gurkhas by Zakaria Zainal

And The Student Winners Are…

Meet the judges

2011 Spotlight Grant Winners

1st Place: The Best We Can by Brad Vest

2nd Place: Displaced: Cambodian Diaspora by Pete Pin

3rd Place: Kids of Sodom by Kai Loeffelbein

Top Finalists

A Woman’s War: Bangladesh by Elizabeth D. Herman

Migrant Workers by Alessandro Penso

Honorable Mentions

In Alphabetical Order

Brotherhood of Bears by Alan Charlesworth

Montefiore by Jessica Earnshaw

Never let you go by Alejandro Kirchuk

Bou by Tanvi Mishra

Another Afghanistan by Asef Ali Mohammad

Leakage by Anna Orłowska

New Deal Utopias by Jason Reblando

The Place Where I am Not by Tina Remiz

We Met A Little Early by Raphaela Rosella

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